Automobile Liability Claim Management Services

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Third-Party Administration (TPA) auto claim services

In an ever-evolving risk environment, timely intervention is critical to achieving optimal auto claim outcomes. At CSS, we leverage advanced data and analytics to enhance our processes and empower our Claim professionals to make faster and better-informed decisions – all with the goal of delivering an unmatched TPA service experience and excellent results for our clients.

88% of bodily injury claims settled without litigation.1

66% subrogation recovery rate compared to industry rate of 27%.2

60% successful trial verdicts returned by selected defense counsel.1

Flexible auto claim and litigation management solutions

CSS Claim professionals harness innovative tools to deliver customizable and flexible auto claim management solutions. We match resources to the unique demands of your business. We utilize predictive modeling to identify patterns and develop strategies to successfully resolve claims. This outcome-based approach focuses on saving you valuable time and resources.

Stability, expertise and experience

CSS makes the right investments in talent, technology and data analytics tools to deliver optimal outcomes. CSS Claim professionals act decisively, work strategically and negotiate with confidence on your behalf.

  • With an average of nine years’ experience,3 our Claim team is prepared to manage claims across all severity levels, jurisdictions and unique causes of loss.
  • Nurse consultants support medical injury analysis, determining causation and recommending treatment.
  • Litigation consultants and jurisdictional experts are available to advise CSS Claim professionals.


According to the National Association of Subrogation Professionals, "CSS leads the industry in outcomes." Our team utilizes predictive modeling to identify subrogation potential and:

  • Identify more opportunities. Assignment rate 85% higher than industry average.4
  • Recover quickly. Assignment to recovery 57% faster than industry.4
  • Save money. A 66% recovery rate compared to industry's 27%.4
  • Pay only what you owe. CSS paid 76 cents on the dollar demanded by third-party subrogation requests.5

Industry specialized investigative services

The FBI estimates that the total cost of insurance fraud (excluding health insurance) is more than $40 billion per year.6 Our investigation experts work closely with Claim professionals to detect, investigate and deter fraudulent activity. They support accurate evaluation of damages and improve claim outcomes using resources such as:

  • Crash data retrieval and analytics.
  • Medical Investigation Unit
  • Auto proactive fraud services.
  • Forensics lab and accident reconstruction.

Innovative solutions to mitigate auto claims

Attorney analytics

We collect data on more than 50,000 plaintiff law firms and 200,000 attorneys, which assists in anticipating plaintiff attorney tactics. Our Attorney Propensity Predictive Model predicts with high accuracy whether an individual is likely to retain an attorney, and our Claim professionals use this information early in the life of a claim. Data-driven resolution tools like these help you avoid unnecessary litigation and resolve trials faster, saving valuable time and resources.

Forensic lab

Our Claim professionals work with our industry-renowned forensics lab, staffed with 60 scientists who assist with accident cause and origin, accident reconstruction and digital forensics. These critical findings fuel our clients with stronger suit defenses and reduce the number of cases that proceed to trial.

Repair network

CSS has competitive contracts with auto damage repair shops and appraisers around the country, offering fast priority service, guaranteed repairs and competitive pricing on passenger automobiles and light trucks. In addition, dedicated repair coordinators act as liaisons between CSS and in-network repair shops to ensure timely service.

Auto photo capture

Travelers Photo Capture for Auto is the future of auto damage assessment. It provides an easy and convenient way for drivers to report low-severity, exterior damages.

Heavy truck specialists

Our technical specialists have expertise with all varieties of medium- and heavy-duty trucks, commercial trailers and specialized equipment, as well as an understanding of federal motor carrier laws and regulations. This knowledge promotes focused resolution strategies and powerful defenses for our customers.

1 March 2021 Auto metrics 12 MM Business Insurance Bodily Injury
2 NASP 2020 Auto Benchmarking Study
3 Travelers data October 2022
4 2019 NASP Benchmark Results
5 Based on calendar year 2020 results - number of demands and final amount paid for all presented claims in 2020

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We work closely with you to help injured employees get the care and support they need to return to work as soon as medically appropriate.

Our Claim professionals work with legal and investigative services to protect your business and your brand.

Every claim is unique, and outcomes are far from assured, even in situations that seem straightforward. CSS provides a full range of specialty services for claim management.


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