General Liability Claim Management Services

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Third-Party Administration (TPA) general liability claim services

Recent societal shifts have heightened severity of liability claims – including increased litigation, larger jury awards and higher settlement demands. Even a single liability claim can result in a multimillion-dollar verdict or settlement. This evolution of the legal landscape stresses the importance of partnering with an experienced and dedicated TPA for general liability claims.

Our Claim professionals treat claimants fairly, safeguarding your brand and business relationships. We collaborate with your team to develop a comprehensive claim management program that adapts to the unique needs of your organization.

We work strategically to allocate appropriate resources to each claim, saving you valuable time and providing peace of mind.

82% of claims are closed within six months and stay closed.1

90% of claims are resolved without advancing to suit.1

60% of claims are denied because of lack of legal liability or are voluntarily withdrawn.1

Proactive claim management solutions

When a plaintiff’s attorney gets involved with a claim, it can quadruple2 costs, which is why CSS uses a proactive model to mitigate attorney involvement before a claimant becomes represented. Our Claim professionals leverage cutting-edge data and analytics tools, including attorney analytics and artificial intelligence powered social listening tools, as well as investigators and an in-house forensics lab to help drive claim resolution. When a claim does go into litigation, we have the right resources, including litigation consultants who can help us resolve the claim or prepare for trial when necessary. Our partners can expect each claim will be handled with speed, expertise and cost-efficiency.

Our people: Experience that makes a difference

We take a multipronged approach to supporting our people through training opportunities, in-house Claim resources, diverse benefit offerings and an engaging culture.

  • With an average of 13 years of experience,3 our Claim professionals are prepared to manage claims across all severity levels, jurisdictions and unique causes of loss.
  • The experience, tenure and commitment of our CSS Claim professionals offers a consistency of service and a stability that sets us apart from other TPAs.
  • Nurse consultants support medical injury analysis, determining causation and evaluating the course of treatment.
  • Our Claim University supports our professionals throughout hiring, training and career advancement.

Investigation and fraud prevention

Our industry leading investigators are available to work closely with Claim professionals to detect, investigate and deter fraudulent activity using resources such as:

  • Over 300 highly skilled investigators across the country.
  • Proactive data analytics for fraud detection and investigation.
  • Specialized resources for prosecution referrals and surveillance.
  • Forensics lab and accident reconstruction.

Innovative solutions for general liability claims

Attorney analytics

We collect data on more than 50,000 plaintiff law firms and 200,000 attorneys, which assists in anticipating plaintiff attorney tactics. Our Attorney Propensity Predictive Model predicts with high accuracy whether an individual is likely to retain an attorney and uses this information early in the life of a claim. Data-driven resolution tools like these help you avoid unnecessary litigation and resolve claims efficiently, saving valuable time and resources.

Forensic lab

Our Claim professionals utilize our Lab that is staffed with 60 forensic scientists to assist with accident cause and origin, accident reconstruction and digital forensics. These critical findings fuel our clients with stronger suit defenses and reduce the number of cases that proceed to trial.

Social listening

Automated social listening provides insights that help streamline investigations and validate losses to accelerate resolution. These tools search large quantities of publicly posted content to help confirm legitimate claims and identify fraudulent ones, helping us to more efficiently pay what is owed.

Litigation consultants

When a suit is filed, we bring in litigation consultants when appropriate to improve trial preparation or settlement negotiations. Strategic consultations aid in the early resolution of claims, helping to protect your bottom line.

Contractual risk transfer strategies

Working together with our customers, business and legal partners, CSS Claim professionals can help determine how to best pursue contractual risk transfer.

1 2021 General Liability claims excluding incident only
2 2015-2019 Travelers Business Insurance Auto and General Liability bodily injury claims
3 2019-2021 average Claim turnover statistics

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We work closely with you to help injured employees get the care and support they need to return to work as soon as medically appropriate.

Get back on the road quickly with the least disruption to your business operations, your brand and reputation.

Every claim is unique, and outcomes are far from assured, even in situations that seem straightforward. CSS provides a full range of specialty services for claim management.

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