Driving Innovation: How Risk Managers Can Lead with Innovative Thinking

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By Constitution State Services
35 minutes

In this Constitution State Services hosted replay of “Women Leading Innovation in Risk Management” from RIMS 2021, our panelists offer insights about driving innovation in their organizations.

Innovation isn't an event. It's a state of mind

Learn from four innovative leaders in risk management how to spot opportunities for innovation. Our panel explores:

  • How shifting from a culture of “No” to a culture of “Yes, if …” can make a huge and positive difference.
  • When to seize new opportunities.
  • How to get stakeholders to give up a little to gain a lot by overcoming resistance to innovation.

Our event panelists’ top career advice

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Grow your network and maintain your relationships over time. Find expertise within your organization to leverage.

Headshot of Jana Utter

Jana Utter

Vice President Enterprise Risk Management | Centene Corporation

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Take opportunities even when you feel not ready.

Headshot Roxann Wilson

Roxsann Wilson

Vice President Enterprise Risk Management | Safelite Group

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You can’t just be a functional expert. You must be able to relate to the business you are in.

headshot Vicki Bernholz

Vicki Bernholz

Chief Human Resources Officer | Kellermeyer Bergensons Services

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Don’t be afraid to make a mistake. It is very limiting if you are.

Headshot Jennifer Reno

Jennifer Reno

Global Risk Manager | QVC, Inc.

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